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The PSYCHIC READING is the most requested service.

In the session a brief tune in begins the process, where a point of focus emerges to set the intent for the reading. From there a direction quickly takes shape.

If the session is in person, some Palm Reading and Aura Reading, along with connecting with Guides also aids in creating the foundation for the rest of the session. Questions are encouraged and highly celebrated here,

but, many times a client will arrive with no questions to ask, only seeking reflections from this screening process. Therein, the questions arise from just allowing themselves to be held and seen in a non-judgmental and compassionate space, along side the observations made in the initial screening.

Any and all topics may be presented, discussed, and held here.

For the Distance Reading Remote Viewing and assistance from Guides are the tools that begin to navigate the reading, along side the clients questions and needs.

Because no two readings will ever be alike, honor the specificity of the knowledge delivered, as it is in respect to you, and exclusively to nourish you.

30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes for this session

please indicate which time window you require when scheduling.


The PALM READING consists of viewing the meticulous geometry of the engravings of the Hand, and then interpreting its meanings as a manifested life imprint.

The information connected to this wide array of lines puts into focus the history of your life's origin, birth family, what has been your life's many activities and history to the present; and from that platform, we may determine if certain life, health, faith, love, and life structure strategies may be re-negotiated for a better quality of life and personal healing.

The big objective with this analysis is to best locate optimum clarity to move more efficiently and gently into the future feeling informed and balanced within the Self.

It is an intense session with a great quantity of information to absorb, but a specifically activating session, for its greatest gift is the objective view of the life journey so far, and how much personal control you have when you are informed about what serves your life, and what might not. Another great side effect of this reading is the reclaiming of personal truth and a heightened sense of personal power.

30 to 90 minutes for this session


The TAROT READING creates an informational landscape, starting with the layout itself, which is a Pyramid Spread. The information within it begins with a central reality, or where the seeker is in the moment.

Then, 2 cards that show a strength or clarity that will aid in the future movements of the question or focus at hand are discussed.

The remaining cards are the steps and possibilities leading to the final outcome.

Any and all subjects are informed by this tool, as it gives 

additional clarity and focus to all the questions and challenges 


The deck used in these sessions is the THOTH deck, containing a wealth of archetypal and astrological compliments, bringing broader perspective to the questions asked, and the answers obtained.

30 to 90 minutes for this session


The Human Energy Field or the AURA serves as a visual reference to the balance and flow of the bodies emotional, and physical energy reality.

It is a Holographic imprint of these balances coupled with their placement along the Chakras, and how they impact our physical and emotional health.

Within the AURA is our Emotional History as well, which can be revisited and therein illuminated, changing the bodies ability to fully decompress and receive a more vital life experience, regaining a better attitude, and reclaiming a sense of personal and clear direction.

Many times within the session itself a physical release of anxiety or bodily tension happens gently and unconsciously.

The Body is our real proof of our whole existence here, and locating more nourishing strategies for a better quality of life is the objective in viewing the AURA. Color and sensation become the informers for interpreting this highly fluctuate container, and locating the origins to the issues in focus begins a healing process within the body more quickly.

30 to 60 minutes for this session


The MAYAN ASTROLOGY READING consists of a Birth or Natal Chart interpretation 

based in the 260 day Calender called the TZOLK'IN (zol-keen).

The TZOLK'IN is to the indigenous MAYA, the Sacred Calender utilized in the naming of 

Sacred Days and Events to the naming of children.

Within its structure lies 13 day weeks, 20 signs, and its duration is 9 months.

Each day within this system is an expression of the CREATOR, giving divine meaning and 

expression to each Day Sign.

Your Sacred Day informs you about the multidimensional existence you truly have come 

to experience.

This Sacred Day holds a Seal of the Soul, and a great indicator of personal strengths and expressions that compel one's search for life's greater purpose.

This framework comes from a Pre-Colombian Language and Philosophy, but its relevance in the present in the aiding of Spiritual Alignment, Awakening the Cellular Memory, finding a new relationship to life through a highly refocused lens, and connecting deeply and intimately to one's Ancestors is just the surface of what unfolds after becoming acquainted with this new/old paradigm.

This experience can begin to bridge many segmented or independent paths or strategies into a whole focus, where there is a type of clarity and awareness that seems not only more easily accessible, but supported more from SPIRIT.


This session is a 90 minute session.



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