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I am STEVEN EVANS. I am a Clairvoyant Psychic,

Mayan Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, and Ordained Minister. I reside in the Western North Carolina Mountains, 30 minutes south of Asheville in the quaint small town of Hendersonville.

Beginning around age 5, I began to see the Aura and experience Pre-Cognition after the tragic death of my Grandmother. Within our family line exists a very astute sensitivity and after this traumatic event, the journey to the space I hold presently began. By the time I reached my 15th year, 10 additional people in my family had made their transitions into Spirit, further intensifying this Pre-Cognitive/Direct Knowing filter that was developing in me at an accelerated rate.

Throughout my childhood and early adult life I found that I could tune into the subtlest frequencies in people, and near my 28th birthday, during my Saturn return, the platform to express and hold space for this work began.

It all started with Palm Reading and Tarot Reading as well as interpreting the Aura and working with Western Astrology for most anyone who approached me with questions and wounds to nourish.

Over the next 8 years, after connecting with clients in now 38 states and internationally; I began to work with Mayan Astrology and Day- Keeping in 4 Mayan Calenders, (Dreamspell, Haab, Tzolkin, and the 28 day Lunar), exploring time keeping within the systems of the Cherokee, Hopi, and Aztec, as well as researching 13 sign Astrology from the Alchemy and Kabbala traditions.

My work as a Clairvoyant Psychic began to expand and evolve into Remote Viewing, locating missing objects, pets, and people.... along side of holding space for Counseling and Healing modal-ties informed by Eastern Medicine, the Theosophical Traditions of Buddhist and Christian, Pagan, and of the indigenous Indian peoples of Central and South America: Africa and Northern Europe.

The inclusion of these teachings allows a multi-dimensional experience to emerge in every session.

Now into my twenty- seventh  year,

I am honored to work with clients 5 to six days per week, within a highly informed 

container that only supports the highest and best for any and all seekers.

In 2011, I became a Minister, utilizing my eclectic Spiritual background to 

Counsel to any and all seekers of conscious belief systems.

My Spiritual Vocabulary is an inclusionist one, where all subjects and pathways are held 

in a place of honor, respect, and compassion.


(I am another you)

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